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The last League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics patch appeared on the game servers a few days ago. This does not mean, however, that until the end of the year Riot Games awaits rest. Today, for example, the creators of LoL and TFT presented the new products that await us at the beginning of the next season in the second of the mentioned productions. We are talking about a new Origin, the Moon, and two new heroines — Leona and Karma.

Origin: the moon

The Moon is an Origin that players who enjoy long skirmishes in particular will be satisfied with. The longer it lasts, the stronger the heroes will be in the team with active Moonlight. The maximum buff will be obtained in the 28th second.

  • (2) – Every seven seconds your team gains a 20% chance of critical hit, 20% to critical damage and 20% to spell power (stacks up to 4 times).


Leona will be a tough character, just like in League of Legends (who would have thought!). Thanks to her defensive abilities, the chances of stacking more Moon charges will be even greater.

  • Skin: Lunar eclipse ( view )
  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Origin: the moon
  • Class: Sentry
  • Skill: Leona eclipse reduces all damage by 35/70/105 points for five seconds.


Although we can often experience Karma in the middle lane at Summoner’s Rift, in Convergence it will already play the role of a typical supporter. In addition to providing a shield to her nearest companion, she will also increase their attack speed.

  • Skin: Dawn Harbinger ( more )
  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Origin: the moon
  • Class: Mystic
  • Skill: Inspiration – At the beginning of the fight, Karma bonds with the closest ally and shields him (or a random ally if the original ally is killed) for five seconds, absorbing another 200/350/500 damage points. When the shield is active, the ally receives an attack speed bonus of 50/70/100 percent.

We will have to wait until patch 10.1 for these debuts on the official game servers. However, if you have access to Public Beta Environment servers, you can test these new products starting tomorrow. For more information on the origin of the moon and two new heroines in Teamfight Tactics, please click here.

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