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From year to year we observe in esports the phenomenon of the emergence of younger players who will naturally push more experienced players from the stage. Brazilian player Vitor “Zenon” Hugo is unique in this respect on a global scale, while his age caused him considerable problems.

Zenon is just a nine-year-old Fortnite player who is considered one of the best snipers in his country. In April, the young man signed a contract with the local organization DETONA Gaming, but for a long time he will not be able to represent the colors of this club in official competitions. Yesterday Hugo, after finishing one of the games in the Arena, saw on his screen a message about the ban for 1460 days, or 4 years. Why such a punishment? Epic Games regulations clearly state that competition is required to be 13 years old, so developers have excluded Zenon for a period of time separating him for not meeting this requirement

It was puzzling, however, that the player was also deprived of the opportunity to work on their skills in the Arena, which is not a tournament environment in itself. Not only a huge crowd of Brazilian players but also well-known foreign personalities, including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman, stood behind the young DETONA player. The action carried out under the hashtag #FreeZenon, and it was noticed by employees of Epic Games.

The American company has assured that in the next few months it will introduce an update to the game that will allow players like Zenon to enter the Arena. Before this happens, the player will use his second account.

However, this does not change the fact that the nine-year-old will have to wait four years without participating in professional tournaments, which may inhibit the development of his promising career.

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