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For some time now, the VALORANT community has heard voices that have too much influence on the Operator’s gameplay, which is the best sniper rifle available in the game. Riot Games employee Ryan “Morello” Scott finally addressed the topic.

Comparing the Operator’s cost to other weapons, we can get the impression that the expense of 4,500 credits is a considerable discouragement from such costly decisions, but the benefits of this weapon are much greater. Regardless of the armor condition and where it was hit, one shot of a sniper rifle will kill you, so it’s not surprising that teams often choose to get more than one.

Players are complaining about the style of play of the defending side, taking the first position on the map and waiting to take a lethal shot. There is a lot of truth in this, but a very important fact was indicated by Morello, who in such situations proposed using the skills of other characters, which can cut off the sniper’s vision by smoke grenades or direct blinding.

On his broadcast, Scott announced that the answer to the lack of the Operator’s nerf would be to strengthen the remaining weapons and agents so that the competition with the popular sniper rifle would be more even. As the Riot employee pointed out, it is important for the team to cooperate with each other, and this will translate into better behavior on VALORANT maps and the effectiveness of “unbalanced” rifle owners.

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