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Such situations could have happened to each of us in the ranked game in League of Legends, but without a doubt, they should not take place in professional matches, where even the slightest mistake may be the reason for failure. Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, a jungler competing in the LoL Pro League for eStar, mistakenly failed to select smite and started the official match playing with ignite, which made his team lose in the position after entering Summoner’s Rift.

Interestingly, the organization leaders did not intend to pass by such a basic error at such a high level, so they deducted player’s monthly salary.

A bizarre situation occurred on Monday when eStar competed with Bilibili Gaming as part of the third week of LPL 2020 Summer. According to the official statement of Wei’s organization, before the start of the match he wanted to check if all the equipment is fully functional, so he decided to play a test duel with one of his teammates. For obvious reasons, for a typical one-on-one fight, he chose Ignite, not Smite, and as we all know, the game client remembers the last selected summoner spells. 

Yang-Wei did not remember, however, that it should be changed when it comes time for the official match and play in the jungle, which cost him his entire month’s salary.

With the current version of the game on the tournament server, eStar players did not see on their screens the spells that their colleague playing in the jungle chose. The trainers did not notice the mistakes, for which they were also criticized by the organization. It is true that Wei reported the problem to the referees, but after the start of the game, a return to character selection was no longer an option.

Defeat in the first match was therefore inevitable because eStar did not have one of the most important spells and simply could not fight Bilibili as well as an equal for all dragons and Baron Nashor. Wei repeatedly apologized to the training staff and his companions for the mistake, but repentance did not ease the punishment imposed on him by the organization.

It is worth mentioning here that in the next two battles of the BO3 series from Bilibili Gaming, Wei chose smite, but his team managed to win only one of them, which eventually gave the opponents a 1:2 result. Favored by many, eStar fell in a clash with the lower-rated Bilibili due to the bizarre mistake of its jungle player, who will certainly not forget to change spells before the match from now on.

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