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Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko told what prevented The Pango from defeating the Thunder Predator at The Chongqing Major and appreciated the performance of Arseny “ArsZeeqq” Usov in the match against PSG.LGD.

The leader of the Russian team also explained why the team refused to invite ESL One Katowice 2019 in favor of MDL Macau 2019 and what plan would they follow with in the match with Team Secret . had a great start at The Chongqing Major defeating both EHOME and TNC Predator in group A securing themselves a playoff spot. To start off the winner bracket, the Russian team overcame the threat of Evil Geniuses and completely suppressed the Chinese PSG.LGD.

In the winners’ final No[o]ne and his team defeated Team Secret securing a spot in the Grand Final of the $1 million dollar tournament.

Before the tournament, you and your teammates said that after an invite to The International 2019 the motivation of the team has become smaller, but in the playoffs, you smashed Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD. Why is that?

The team did not say this, it was Pasha who spoke in an interview. I think it was his personal opinion at the time he was asked this question. My motivation is the same. I just want to win tournaments, so the answer to this question will be.

After defeating EG, Pasha said that the match was easier than he expected. What about PSG.LGD? The first game looked nervous. Why?

Well, first of all, we played with a stand-in. That always makes the game a lot more complicated. Secondly, we threw a lot, did unnecessary actions, and LGD took advantage of this — in some moments they killed us, and then the game became super-complex. After that we had to comeback.

How did Arseny “ArsZeeqq” Usov show himself in the captain’s slot? He said that Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnaryov even asked him to shut up. How do you like the game with the new coordinator?

Ars from the very beginning of the game did not say anything, but then he began to get used to the role of the captain and just be the player of the “five”. He began to coordinate on smokes, on wards, etc. He showed himself quite well.

In the final of the top bracket, you played against Team Secret. Yazid “YapzOr” Jaradat promised that they would lose this match in order to win the final. Have you already figured out how to counter this strategy?

Lose to them. Naturally, we wanted to lose to them. This was the match “who will lose — will win the final.” ( laughs ) I don’t know, YapzOr was probably joking. We will simply try to show our best game.

Some people think that Zheng “MidOne” Yek Nay invented a new approach to playing mid-early fighting, a lot of roaming, collecting non-meta items. How do you like his approach to the role? How difficult is it to stand against it?

He has a good understanding of the game, but he is not the strongest mid-laner of those that exist. But he is very good at his job.

After the match with PSG.LGD, it has been a day. How do Alexei “Solo” Berezin and Vladimir “RodjER” Nikoghosyan feel after it?

Solo is already sitting in practice, almost recovered, and RodjER something came down with fever. He seems to be recovering too — so the manager said. We have not seen him yet today.

What is going on at all on this major? Tell us about the conditions in which you live. Why are so many players already sick?

A lot of people from the staff got sick, from SLTV, the players, etc. A lot of people got sick from analytics. In fact, I do not know how it is related. Maybe somehow the city influenced this. A flu virus, perhaps. We came from different places, the body is not adjusted. Probably something like this.

Why did you give up on ESL One Katowice 2019? Want to leave Pasha without a car?

Yes, it was our first goal, so that Pasha did not get the MVP. We really don’t want that. ( laughs ) In fact, we refused in favor of MDL Macau 2019. We decided that it would be more comfortable for us this time to go to Asia and play here. We were already this year at ESL, and the team decided that we should also play in front of Asian fans. Show yourself here.

Have you watched The Pango games? What did the team lack in a match with the Thunder Predator?

Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanova was missing. We watched their games, they had to win, but lost, like any CIS-team, to themselves. Plus they had bad drafts and there was no player to step up and carry. This all affected their game.


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