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Contrary to previous announcements, the competitive mode in VALORANT did not start this morning. And all because of an error that Riot Games had to fix — and fixed it, thanks to which we got to know the new date of re-introduced ranked.

There was a problem with rebirth. Namely, developers have found that in rare cases the player could be reborn on the opponent’s respawn, which obviously affected the entire course of the meeting and spoiled the gameplay experience. However, the source of the error was quickly detected, which means that nothing prevents the ranked mode from entering the game again.

Riot Games followed the suggestions of the community that appeared during the closed beta, and subjected a slight facelift to the current appearance of the rank. At the same time, the name of the highest level, which until now was called VALORANT, has also changed. Using the same term in the context of the game itself as well as the best rank in the long run has been problematic, so now the best players will compete for the title “Radiant

Although we like the concept of the highest rank as something unique and referring to our intellectual property, we decided to no longer use the name VALORANT for the highest rank to avoid potential misunderstandings caused by the same wording of two different terms,” explained one of the developers, Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding.

Significantly, running ranked should not affect the usual playing, because Riot announced that it will add them to the game tomorrow, i.e. on June 25 at 5:00 CEST in the morning. From now on, all players will be able to gain ranks again — it is worth reminding here that the levels worked out during the closed beta were reset, so we will be forced to gain new ranks again.

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