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After 20 days of relentless competition, the European Masters has finally identified its champions.

Assembled just days before the start of the tournament, the star-filled roster managed to secure Origen the title of the European Masters 2018 Spring Split champions. Led by Henrik “Froggen” Hansen and Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou on their way to victory, Origen plowed through their opposition, defeating everyone in their path.

Although Origen beat every of their seven last opponents, their debut match did not go quite so well. Faced with an unstoppable Balkan force KlikTech, the Spain based team had to succumb to their competitors. The lack of practice and synergy within the team cost Origen one game, but they weren’t going to let that happen again.

Origen worked their way through the group stage without dropping a single game and secured themselves a first-place finish, and a spot directly in the quarter-finals. Facing them there, were Emil “Larssen” Larsson’s Ninjas in Pyjamas. Coming in hot from their victory against the Penguins, Ninjas were looking to take the heavy favorites down, and they came close to doing that, too.

In the end, Froggen and his team overcame the opposition and achieved the highly coveted LAN finals invite.

Many years of experience playing in front of big crowds on the highest level proved to be instrumental for Origen in Leicester. Faced with one of the best teams in the whole tournament, the Spanish league champions MAD Lions E.C., the star-filled lineup did not falter, took advantage of their opponent’s openings and secured themselves a place in the grand final.

Facing them there, were the dark horse of the tournament — the Polish Illuminar Gaming. After a horrible group stage, where they only managed to secure a single win, Paweł “Woolite” Pruski and his team entered every match in the playoffs as a major underdog — and came out victorious in every single one.

Illuminar took down the Spanish Movistar Riders and the French Millenium on their way to the LAN finals, where they had to face the strongest team in the French league — GamersOrigin. In a twist unforeseen by many, the Polish team eased their way into the Grand Final.

“Illuminar look like a different team every series they play,” Michael “Veteran” Archer, the head coach of H2k-Gaming told us in an exclusive interview. “They don’t come out with a defined style, they more come out clearly understanding their own strengths and weaknesses in a very short span of time and it happens consistently.”

In the best-of-five final, however, it was not enough to overcome the highly favored Origen. Froggen led his team to victory once again, securing a quick 3-0 series over the Polish team, to take the title of European Masters 2018 Spring Split champions.

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