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Origen’s adventure in the League of Legends European Championship lasted two years. The brand, extremely popular in Europe, ceased to exist today, because Astralis Group decided to combine all its esports divisions under the name Astralis. Thus, the Danish organization currently has three sections: CS: GO, FIFA and League of Legends. 

“Thanks to the combination of all activities and brands of our teams, we position ourselves as the leading organization in international esports,” says Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis Group. “The red star is already an icon on the esports scene and we made a strategic decision to devote all resources to creating a truly global esports and gaming brand. Digitally, physically and as a team, all our activities in the future will be carried out under the Astralis name and will be based on the same values ​​that characterize the entire organization.

“Over the past years, our brands have grown in terms of the number of fans and viewers, but Astralis stood out as a brand that was very strong and recognized beyond the esports core. By bringing all the activities together, not only are we becoming one of the most important brands in a rapidly growing global business, but we will also be able to create a new space for all fans by increasing circulation when it comes to commodities, media activities and new fan-related products,” he continued. “We want to be a candidate for the titles in all tournaments in which our teams will play and we want to achieve it in our own way — using not only our potential but also all esports and gaming.”

In conclusion, from now on Astralis formed three teams — the Danish CS:GO section; FIFA, which consists of Roee “Feldman” Feldman, Stephanie “Teca” L. da Silva Santos and Fatih “Ustun” Üstün Division; and the League of Legends roster about to be built from scratch. 

At the moment, only the shape of the training staff of the team competing in the game from the Riot Games is certain: the main coach is Baltat “AoD” Alin-Ciprian, who has so far supported André “Guilhoto” Pereira Guilhoto. Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez and Martin “Deficio” Lynge are moved to the bench, and their future with the new team is unknown.

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