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Since its premiere, Call of Duty: Warzone has enjoyed great popularity. The free game from Activision in the battle royale genre very quickly attracted a crowd of players exceeding tens of millions, but it also has its drawbacks in the form of cheaters.

According to some, they are a real scourge of battle royale from the Call of Duty universe, so it’s no wonder that the developers officially announced the fight against cheaters.

“We take every form of cheating seriously, and one of our most important priorities is to ensure fair and equal conditions for everyone,” it was written on the official announcement. “This is an area we are working very hard on, but at the same time it is not something we always talk about in public.”

One of the elements of this work is to improve the reporting system of potential fraudsters, also in terms of the interface itself, which is to facilitate everything. However, now, in less than a month, the developers managed to catch many dishonest players. From March 10, when Warzone became public, permabans associated with the final removal from the game were imposed on over 50,000 accounts.

However, it seems that this is just the beginning of the fight against cheating.

Warzone offers players two modes. The first is the classic battle royale, in which up to 150 players compete on the server at once. The rules are simple, as in any BR, i.e. the player or squad who is the last to survive wins. And interrupting survival will include a constantly decreasing map space, which over time will be covered with deadly gas. The second type of gameplay, however, received the name Plunder and consists of collecting money by eliminating opponents, performing contracts or simply collecting them on the map.

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