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Teamfight Tactics also gets an update with the introduction of League of Legends patch 10.3. As Blake “Riot Beernana” Edwards writes, this time the team responsible for balancing the impact of individual aspects of the game instead of weakening focuses on strengthening slightly forgotten characters and classes.

Carousel and loot

Golems will now guarantee at least two bullets with loot, and we will rarely receive heroes from golden orbs, and more often spatulas and gold. Important changes are also coming for the round with the carousel. From the latest update, the spatulas will no longer appear on it.


Increased the strength of two items — the effect of the Statikk Scythe and Ion Spark is slightly increased — now enemies will be hit with damage of not 200, but 225% of mana value. In turn, Echo Luden will be more strongly felt for the first target hit, and less for the last. The only obvious nerf is the weakening of the Infinity Edge, which will guarantee only 100% increased damage from critical blows.


The power of the Assassins was limited with the maximum number of this type of characters, while the power of three Assassins was increased. The newly introduced character class – the Moon – has been reinforced by five percentage points of skill power for each load. In turn, compositions based on six units under the sign of the Shadow will have to come to terms with a light nerf – now they will deal only 165% additional damage.

Added to this are changes for the Light. After the death of an ally, the healing will be less, while with three luminous characters the gained attack speed will be increased. In return, however, compositions based on 6 or 9 Light units after the death of an ally will launch attacks a little slower than before.


Tier 1

The effect of Ornn’s ability will now last for as long as 10 seconds and will make it slightly easier to hit the enemy with a critical hit, while Kog’Maw will perform better as hyper carry – the damage of his skills has been significantly increased. The only weakened character of this level is Vayne, who received some basic attack speed.

Tier 2

Braum will absorb more damage with the shield, and Jax will hit harder with his ability, just like LeBlanc. Rek’Sai will get an extra 5 points of armor, and Yasuo will need 15 mana less than before to cast his Last Breath.

Tier 3

Nocturne’s basic attack damage enhanced (+5 AD), health for Mundo enlarged (+50 HP).

Tier 4

Tibbers summoned by Annie will now attack slightly faster, but will lose 400 health points on the first level. However, if you can quickly find 3 copies of the little witch, then her bear instead of 2000 HP will have 2200 (and in the final form Annie up to 3000). Janna will apply a stun effect for half a second, while Lucian thanks to his skill will fire more missiles that will scale better with physical damage.

Yorick will receive a bonus of 50 HP, but less often he will be able to use his skill, and summoned ghouls will be easier to kill. Finally, slightly reinforcing Olaf — on the third level he will gain 450% attack speed during his frenzy.

Tier 5

Master Yi will hit faster, and Zed will need less time to summon his clone (now the initial mana increases from 50 to 75).


Less damage on the first level.


Patch 10.3 does not introduce too many exciting changes. The compositions based on Kindred and Twitch did not get any nerfs, so it is possible that they will be quite strong in the near future. We will probably see less Light, which not only has been weakened in itself but also the power of the most important units of this class has been taken away. A big change is also the lack of opportunity to get a spatula on the carousel – it will make the game a bit more fair.

If you want to read the full details of the patch, please refer to the official description of the changes published by Riot.

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