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G2 Esports has not been in top form since the beginning of the League of Legends European Championship 2020 Summer. In the last two rounds, however, the world runners-up presented themselves really well and advanced to the third place in the table. The team’s botlaner, Luka “Perkz” Perković, spoke about the recent Samurai performances and their future in an interview with Ashley Kang from Korizon Esports.

“Getting up and running in the LEC Playoffs, then learning the finish line in the bootcamp and getting back up on the Worlds will likely accomplish more than being at the top all year round and losing in the World Cup final, ” Perković said. This is, of course, a reference to the situation from that year, where G2 Esports won every competition and every Bo5 series until the final, losing the deciding match against FunPlus Phoenix. 

“This weekend’s clashes were our best games this split. We were very calm in communication, even if bot lane did not quite go our way. If we manage to keep what has happened in the last two games, we will be able to win literally every match,” said Perkz. “I think we can easily triumph in the playoffs. It is at this stage that we are the best and we can prepare very well, regardless of the finish line.

The most successful European player also confessed that he was not feeling well in the current meta — “One of the worst changes on Riot’s part was that the creatures on the lines were pushing themselves towards the opponent. Additionally, in my opinion, the Dragons in their current form are a terrible addition to the game. You basically have to fight a drake with five or else you’ll just lose the game.”

I would like it to be changed, however, Worlds will probably be played in such a meta, so I have to stop complaining about it and try to adapt to it with all my strength because otherwise, it can be really boring.

We will be able to watch the next G2 Esports clash as part of the LEC 2020 Summer this Friday. Perković and the company will then take on SK Gaming. 

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