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Because VALORANT is still in beta testing, it’s hard to expect the game to work properly in every aspect. Its creators still devote time to these more serious problems (such as the infamous shooting by Cypher’s camera), but not only that. Yesterday on the game page there was a patch description, in which, in addition to fixing some bugs, there was also a place to balance the strength of some agents.

The most attention was paid to Raze, who, according to developers, was simply too strong on some issues. As a result, they decided to take some of its strength by introducing modifications to their skills, including their sound layer. There were, among others, Dyeing Grenades – from now on, Raze will have only one of them, and you’ll need to get two kills to use it again. In addition, a secondary explosion of debris sometimes occurred earlier than it should, which was also fixed by Riot. However, the most important change in Raze is the modification of the audiovisual layer of its abilities. The Bomb Pack, Dyeing Grenades and Program Nail will now be easier to detect by enemies, and in the case of the latter, this applies not only to the rocket launcher itself, but also to the use of skills. This is to give opponents time to react.

Exactly, what about the fact that some abilities one-shot kill regardless of your health and protection? We do not have good news for opponents of this solution — Riot Games is convinced that inflicting lethal damage by some abilities makes sense. “The value of deadly skills is to create temporary, dangerous areas that will force enemies to reposition. With their help, you can effectively remove opponents hiding in the corners or to remove them from favorable places, thus forcing them to leave the position giving them an advantage,” said the main designer of VALORANT, Trevor Romleski.

“We don’t expect frequent deaths due to deadly skills, especially among more advanced players. Because with the increasing awareness of combatants, the speed of their reaction to this type of skill increases, over time the advantage of this type of ability in the form of their deadly action will give way to more specific applications,” he added.

Let’s return to what has changed. And actually not yet what, but who, because in addition to Raze another agent has been modified. Sage, which has not been changed that much, but it has also received some attention. And more precisely, attention was given to her Slowing Ball – so far it only slowed down players passing through it, so the counterattack to this could be continuous jumping through the area of ​​its operation. However, as you probably guessed by the word “so far”, it has been fixed. “Bunny hopping” will no longer stop you from slowing down. However, this comes at a price – from now on, Sage and her companions will not be able to hear enemies passing (or jumping) through the sphere of Kula’s operation.

Sage’s other ability has also been indirectly modified — its barrier, which will now take twice as much damage from melee weapons. The same applies to other destructible elements, such as the double metal door on Haven. “Players did not have many opportunities to fight the Sage Barrier Ball during economic rounds, e.g. during the first round or the round after switching sides. We were going to give players a risky, but in case of success, profitable method of interacting with its wall, while allowing the destruction of it regardless of equipment,”  Romleski said.

Seemingly minor changes have also appeared on some maps. Part of the vulnerabilities on Bind, Haven and Split have been changed, and on the last of these, the orb has also been moved to the main part of point B. The game quality has also been improved, eliminating network traffic restrictions, which should be noted by players with a high frame rate.

A full description of the 0.47+ patch can be found here .

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