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The Ignition Series tournament series in VALORANT turned out to be quite a success, so it is no wonder that Riot Games announced another interesting project for its players. I am talking about the First Strike competition.

The Ignition Series was the first opportunity for teams to compete in official matches and fight for championship titles as well as financial prizes. With the start of the new esports act, the Riot department decided to continue the excitement and this is how First Strike was created, which, unlike its predecessor, will be organized entirely by the producer, and not only receive media support while being run by third-party organizers. 

The competition will take place in North America, Europe, for teams from the CIS, Asia, Oceania, Turkey, Brazil and the Middle East. In the first stage, open qualifications will await the teams, which will determine the final list of eight teams. The final matches are planned for the beginning of December, where the fight for the title of the first official champion of the region will be fought.

“First Strike will give our thriving competitive ecosystem a place and an opportunity to showcase your skills, to build a regional brand, and a foundation that will support esports for years to come,” said Whalen Rozelle, senior director of Esport at Riot Games. More people see the potential of VALORANT as a game of full competition. “Our game is a competitive global title and thanks to some aspects it can become the most important esports title.”

More information about First Strike is expected to appear in the coming days. It goes for, among others, competition dates as well as the prize pool. We can certainly expect that the team reward will allude to the Ignition Series, where players have made over a million dollars in total.

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