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The premiere of VALORANT brought a real flood of new features. A new heroine, a new map, a new mode and a new … battle pass. The battle pass is something that was not yet available during the closed beta. However, Riot Games has already announced the desire to introduce such a system of micropayments and turned words into deeds.

The matter is simple — by playing matches and performing daily tasks we will be rewarded with experience points. These, on the other hand, will raise the level of our pass, and each subsequent level will mean subsequent rewards in the form of graffiti, character cards, or weapon skins. It is worth noting, however, that BP will be available in two versions — free and paid. The purchase of the latter will involve a greater number of exclusive items received, but these will not affect our statistics in any way and will be purely cosmetic.

With the release of the game, the first act of the pass has appeared, which is divided into ten chapters, each of which consists of five levels, which gives us 50 levels for premium battle pass holders. Users of the free version will be able to purchase the paid version at any time, and once they have done so, they will receive all items for levels they have previously acquired.

The price of the “Ignition: Act I” season pass is 1000 VALORANT Points or around $10 US dollars. It is worth noting here that the time we have to enter the maximum level is not unlimited. After some time, the current battle pass will be replaced by a new one. What about items that we didn’t manage to get? Riot does not exclude that they will introduce the possibility of acquiring them even after BP expires, but at the same time ensures that it will certainly be more difficult than simply buying them in the game store.

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