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Soon it will be a month since the official premiere of VALORANT. The creators of the game from Riot Games decided to publish through social media video material, in which the executive producer Anna Donlon told a bit about the split into episodes and premieres of new heroes.

First of all, developers from Riot plan to divide each year into two episodes. Each of them, on the other hand, will consist of three acts lasting for about two months – currently Act I is called Ignition, which should, therefore, end in early August.

Each such part will have its own battle pass, in which we will accumulate experience points and gain more items. Importantly, at the start of each subsequent phase of the game, we should receive a new hero, which gives us six additional characters during the calendar year.

Donlon also commented on the current modes in VALORANT. As she confessed, initially the developers planned only a classic kind of fun, but the players’ requests prompted them to add Spike Fever. And this is not the end — the developer could not specify when the next mode will appear in the game, but she added that it will probably happen before the start of the second episode, i.e. within the next five months.

You can read more about the Spike Fever mode already in the game at this address . In turn, information about the current battle pass in the game and what it offers can be found by clicking on this link .

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