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Riot Games has chosen a rather unusual way of distributing passes to the VALORANT closed beta. From April 7, you could get it by watching the game streams on Twitch, which obviously contributed to the popularity of the newest child of the League of Legends creators on this platform.

Riot decided to reward those who contributed to this popularity. These are people who have spent many hours on the VALORANT streams on the platform, which is the time that, according to developers, was enough to have a chance to get access to the beta. They will receive a special player card, which features the Twitch logo and one of the characters, Brimstone, saluting towards the player, which is to be a kind of nod from the developers to the community for their support.

Interestingly, the prize will be awarded not only to those who are already in the beta. Users who also watched streams, but were not lucky when drawing drops, will find a special player card in their account after the official premiere of the game, which is to take place this summer.

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