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On July 7, five years have passed since the launch of Rocket League. The production from Psyonix studio enjoys unflagging interest and in March this year broke its record for the number of simultaneous players on Steam. Despite this, the creators decided to change the business model.

This summer, RL will switch to the free to play model. The exact date of this event is not yet known, but it is known that on the same day the game will appear on the Epic Games Store and at the same time … will disappear from Steam. 

However, people who already have the title on the Valve platform have no reason to worry, because they will still be able to play virtual football — this change will most affect people who only join in on the fun now, because they will have to go straight to the Epic Games client. It is also worth adding that players from both Steam and EGS will have the opportunity to compete together thanks to the cross-play service.

At the same time, you will be able to transfer your progress and items you already have between platforms. The members of the Rocket League community who have been present in the game over the past years will also be awarded. They will receive absolutely free access to all DLCs marked as Rocket-League Branded, and more than 200 regular items upgraded to the “Legacy” quality, Golden Cosmos boost, Dieci-Oro tires and the hunter’s banner.

It is known that the closer the transition to the free to play model is, the more information we will receive about potential changes. And these are to reach, among others a system of tournaments and challenges, as well as the layout of the main menu to be made more intuitive. However, the core of the gameplay will remain the same as before.

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