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Organizations changed, lineups changed, but Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo were inseparable. The long-term bond between players can be cultivated, because according to Baserush, FalleN will join his former colleague from MIBR in BOOM Esports. 

Alvarenga and Toledo are like brothers to each other. The players competed side by side for six years, until the MIBR management ordered to remove fer and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo from the squad in September. FalleN received the undiscussed changes negatively – shortly after their announcement, the sniper himself asked to be moved to the bench, from which he did not rise until now. 

On one of the live broadcasts, the 29-year-old by mistake revealed two potential projects in which he can get involved. And at least one of them was no ordinary pillow. 

The Brazilian’s option accidentally shown on the FalleN’s stream will actually be implemented, at the moment in the BOOM Esports structures. Fer’s move to the Indonesian organization has been officially confirmed today. As it turns out, the formation will not stop at choosing the successor of the leaving João “felps” Vasconcellos. 

Sources close to the team said they had decided to replace Gustavo “yel” Knittel with FalleN. The engagement of Toledo in place of Knittel will not require major changes in the way BOOM plays, because both players combine the duties of a sniper and a leader on a daily basis. 

For now, the team of Ricardo “boltz” Prass, Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes, Bruno “shz” Martinelli, FalleN and fer will be supported by BOOM. However, it is rumored that the five is exploring their possibilities on the market and might be looking to join a different organization. The situation is facilitated by the fact that boltz, chelo and shz contracts will expire at the end of January and if they are not extended, they can be taken without paying a fee. 

The lineup of BOOM Esports will be as follows:

  • Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes
  • Bruno “shz” Martinelli
  • Ricardo “boltz” Prass
  • Fernando “fer” Alvareng
  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Photo Copyright: Helena Kristiansson / ESL

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