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Eight teams entered IEM Katowice CIS Minor to compete for $50,000 in prize money and two slots in the preliminary stage of IEM Katowice Major 2019. Before the Minor we talked with S0tf1k, captain of Team Spirit.

Team Spirit successfully overcame the hurdle of the death group. In the opening match of the tournament they overcame Nemiga Gaming from Belarus in a 34 round thriller. Although Syman Gaming surprised many by defeating Gambit Gaming in their first match they couldn’t keep up the momentum and fell behind Spirit, losing 2:0.

Dmitry “S0tF1k” Forostyanko and his team faced AVANGAR in the first semi-final game. The Russian team couldn’t find their game and were completely lost on both Overpass and Dust 2, losing both 16:6 and 16:5, respectively.

In a battle for survival Team Spirit will face off against another CIS giant in Gambit. With ticket to IEM Katowice Major 2019 on the line neither of the teams is going to give up the fight easily.

S0tF1k talked about their preparation for the tournament and their coach Nikolai “Certus” Poluyanov helped them get here.

You were in Group A ( Gambit Esports, Syman Gaming, Nemiga Gaming, Team Spirit), what can you say about the group?

A strong enough group, though I guess all the teams in the minor are. I can not distinguish uncomfortable teams for us, since we have not played with anyone from the CIS recently.

How much did you prepare for this Minor?

10 days that we spent on the bootcamp.


What did you think of group B (AVANGAR , pro100 , Runtime .gg, Winstrike Team)?

I expected Avangar and someone from Runtime / Winstrike go through.

As you know, on CIS Minor Championship – Katowice 2019 has changed the system of the tournament, and now almost all matches will be played until two victories. Do you like this system and what will it change?

Yes, I like it, less randomness, experience decides more, for my team this is a plus.

How did you prepare for the upcoming minor, is there anything special, maybe you changed the approach to training, changed positions?

We prepared a couple of new rounds and combinations, we changed positions before qualifications. But even so everything is the same as always.

Recently the CIS Faceit League opened, do you think it will help young talents to get into esports?

Yes, it is wonderful that the CIS players have a league in which you can play every day and look after the young guys who are able to become the best in the world in the future, if directed correctly. So, without a doubt, this will help in the development of our region.

Team Spirit

You have a very interesting composition that has not changed at all since the founding of the organization, and for 2 years you have been able to sit firmly in the top 5 CIS teams, tell us the secret of your stability?

We have a coach, Nikolai “Certus” Poluyanov, who solves many of our problems and helps us keep afloat. If not for him, the composition could be quite different.

What are the plans and goals for the team in 2019?

We are dying to get to the top and fight for the big titles.

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