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We could see more than once that the weapon skins in Counter-Strike can be really expensive. For these rarest enthusiasts they were able to pay really huge sums before, but $100,000 dollars for a graphic element that in no way affects our performance? Why not!

As the ohnePixel user said through social media, who describes himself as “CS: GO Economist”, an interesting transaction occurred on the Chinese market. Namely, one of the collectors there decided to put up the $130,000 mentioned in the introduction to buy the Howl skin for M4A4 in the version from StatTrak. This skin, which has contraband status, is extremely expensive in itself due to its uniqueness, but this particular copy also has the iBUYPOWER sticker from EMS One Katowice 2014, which is also highly unique and priced  heavily.

It is worth noting here that the sale took place outside the Steam market. All because Valve imposed an upper price limit on their platform, which can not exceed $1.8 thousand US dollars — so reaching that amount was only possible outside of it.

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