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Do you like playing Soraka on the top lane? Well, enjoy this choice while you can, because in the unspecified future changes are waiting. And not at all what will help this heroine — the creators of League of Legends are aware of Soraka’s power at the top and do not intend to idly look at the development of events.

August “Riot August” Browning announced the character modifications via his Stream, as he’s the acting senior champion designer at Riot Games. During the broadcast, Browning announced that the percentage of games won by teams with Soraka at the top is 56-57 percent, which is definitely too high.

“What do I think about Soraka? She must be nerfed. Her winrate is 56-57% and she is too powerful,” Browning told his viewers. “It’s not like this choice is bad, it’s even good that the characters are chosen on different lanes, but Soraka on the top lane is super-powerful. We’ll have to nerf her and probably quite hard.”

Although August himself said about the percentage oscillating around 56, according to data from the website this situation does not look so critical. These figures state that the Soraka chosen at the top ends the game with a win in just over 52.5% of matches played. Higher win ratio on the top lane has only Sett, but it is worth remembering that these statistics only apply to games in the ranks higher than Platinum.

Soraka’s strength on the upper lane could also be those who do not play LoL, but are enthusiasts of professional European games. Her choice in the League of Legends European Championship twice this year was decided by Martin “Wunder” Hansen. Both of these matches ended with the victory for the team of the Dane, G2 Esports, and the 21-year-old himself gained an impressive KDA of 8.

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