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Two weeks after the release of patch 1.03, Riot Games announced another VALORANT update, this time marked with the number 1.04. Along with it, the changes of several heroes will appear on the server that will affect Viper the most. The Toxic Agent got a specific buff to her abilities which have now become even more powerful. 

Take, for example, her ult, the Vipers’ Nest, which will further help her disable part of the map from use. We have bad news for Raze and Brimstone fans — your characters’ special skills will now take longer to charge.

What else? Riot decided to slightly modify the weapons purchase menu so that players could compare individual items of equipment with each other in a more readable way. Until now, damage points were purely text-based but now will be shown in graphics with the latest update. 

And since we are with weapons — the Classic has been improved, i.e. the basic pistol with which we start each round. The gun will now be more accurate when crouching or standing. At the same time, its dispersion while jumping was also reduced, which was greater than planned.

A complete list of all modifications that will soon be delivered to VALORANT is presented below:

Agent Updates

  • Viper
    • A nest of vipers
      • The maximum time Viper can spend outside of her ult before it disappears has been increased from 5 to 12 seconds
      • Viper can now hold down the skill key to interrupt Ulta early
      • The minimap of enemies in the Viper’s Nest will now be obscured. In addition, they will also not be able to reveal their opponents’ positions on the minimap to their allies
      • We also increased the brightness of the red glow at the edge of the field of view with Viper myopia
    • Disintegration
      • Decay per second for enemies increased from 10 to 15 for all sources
      • After Viper smoke exits, the decay persists for 2.5 seconds and then begins to expire
    • Fuel
      • Activating Toxic Cloud and Toxic Veil at the same time does not use any additional fuel except for using one of these skills
  • Raze
    • The cost of using Ulta Program Nail has increased from 6 to 7 points.
  • Brimstone
    • Orbital Barrage Ulta cost increased from 6 to 7
    • Pacing Transmitter will no longer empower enemies and show them your area of ​​effect
    • Brimstone’s realism weapons
  • Cypher
    • The Cyber ​​Cage can now be picked up during the shopping phase

Weapon Updates

  • Classic
    • Fixed an issue where the gun’s inaccuracy while firing while running was much greater than expected. Running lowered the accuracy of this weapon 1.5 times because it was based on our overall running error curves for pistols
    • Fixed an issue where jumping did not reduce accuracy
    • The dispersion when running decreased from 3.4 to 2.1 points. This is essentially a bug fix
    • Dispersion when jumping increased from 1.9 to 2.3 points
    • The dispersion on walking increased from 1.9 to 1.95 points
    • We have added a 10% accuracy bonus for crouching or standing. It’s about being consistent with increased accuracy when crouching

HUD and user interface

  • In place of the previous weapon statistics box in the shop before the round, a graphical representation of the statistics has been added to facilitate comparisons

The quality of the game

  • Observers’ lines of sight on the minimap have been colored by team
  • We have exchanged the lines made by Reyna in the Italian and Mexican language versions. Unfortunately, the actresses we chose for this role could not record their lines due to regional restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now there are dialog lines in the game that Reyna was originally supposed to say in the Italian and Mexican versions!

Eternal Flame Skins

  • We changed the volume of the Eternal Flame Operator equipment animation
  • Fixed an issue where the volume would stack after spamming Operator equipment
  • Enemy footstep sounds now correctly dominate cosmetic effects. This means that when they ring out, the sound effects of skins will automatically drop, which have no impact on gameplay, such as the whistling of flames or the roar of the dragon.
  • Eternal Flame weapon check animation now has level 1 and 2 sound effects

Performance Updates

  • We unified weapon pick-up targeting and Sage Ulta with ally character illumination, which reduces the load on VRam memory and graphics card
  • We fixed minor bugs with rendering behavior
  • Weapon skin upgrade videos are now streamed rather than stored locally, reducing the installed game size by 380MB

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue with Reyna’s Soul Orbs requirement to activate them without interrupting healing. It should now look like it did in 1.02
  • Fixed an issue with Brimstone’s ‘one-way’ smoke occurring when the player’s camera was positioned over this effect
  • Fixed a bug where Breach’s Secondary Shock was not properly damaging all characters if it hit more than one of them
  • We fixed the tremor that appeared when Sova’s drone reached its maximum height
  • Fixed a bug where Marshall kept his accuracy while walking
  • Fixed bugs where some transparency effects were delayed by one frame (e.g. when the player was using Jett Dash)
  • Fixed an issue where ally highlighting was not working on some AMD graphics cards when using MSAA and some Intel graphics cards
  • Fixed an issue where loading screens did not cover the entire window during gameplay in certain resolution / aspect ratios
  • We have shortened the text that appears in the light sensitive alert screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Loadout button to remain gray when purchasing a skin variant that was being viewed
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Brimstone Smoke from appearing in a different location than expected while playing Haven
  • Fixed a typo in Brimstone biography (thanks for reporting, moonlimes)
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