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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum isn’t a new mouse, but so far it is one of the most popular in its class. In this mouse, Logitech skillfully fused the form along with the filling, getting a very versatile device for almost any task. But how?

Well, it doesn’t weigh a ton, additional buttons do not interfere with playing normally, and the mouse, thanks to the very presence of additional buttons, can be used not only in games and any MOBA errands but also, say, in graphic editors. It is very convenient to preset macros and calmly call them with a flick of a finger.

And all this mouse stores within itself. Created settings – scored in the memory of the mouse – you can easily use it on another PC. What about shooters? And here is a complete order. Additional controls do not interfere under the fingers, and the mouse itself does not weigh so much, so even avid gamer can safely drive into their shooters, without being distracted and without missing the main buttons.

In addition, the mouse has a mass setting for itself, for those who like to feel the mouse in their hand: the weight gain comes in the kit. And, of course, branded thick cable included – everything is in the best traditions of gaming devices. The new mouse called G502 Proteus Spectrum replaced the old man in the face of the G502 Proteus Core, but the differences are quite a bit: a new, softer (but still thick) cable, RGB lighting (instead of static blue), and painting the lid of the weight compartment in black color.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a fairly large ergonomic mouse for the right hand with a large number of controls. You can’t take it with your left hand, no matter how cool you are — buttons will interfere here or there. In addition to the main buttons and the wheel, the mouse has a sniper button under the thumb, two additional buttons next to the index finger, and two buttons on the back, one of which is responsible for the operating modes of the wheel, and the second for switching dpi or profiles. However, all this, of course, is configured in the proprietary software – Logitech Gaming Software, and since the mouse has internal memory, it is possible to record profiles with any settings into it.

Mouse weight – 121 grams without cable (with cable – 168 grams), dimensions (in mm) – 132 x 75 x 40. Included are 5 additional weights weighing 3.6 grams each (which totals 18 grams) for those who like to feel their mouse. The mouse is equipped with a two-zone RGB-backlit (logo on the back and dpi switching indicator). Pixart optical sensor Pixart PMW3366 is installed in the mouse – one of the best solutions at the moment. Under the main buttons are Omron switches for 20 million clicks, and the wheel is represented by an extremely reliable optical encoder.

The first thing that just immediately catches the eye — a non-standard appearance of the device, as if all consisting of some abstract and futuristic forms. Externally, the mouse resembles a fancy spacecraft from all sorts of fantastic high-budget films, and therefore, even despite the fame of the mouse, it is still capable of captivating the gaze of its bizarre shapes. Moreover, all these deliberately crafted elements do not affect the ergonomics of the mouse and the convenience of grip, but they make the device visually attractive, capable of impressing even the most experienced gamer.

Materials at the mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is also the most diverse. The main part of the top is covered with a matte and almost smooth plastic, which to the touch resembles a soft-touch coating. On the sides of the mouse are polyurethane lining with a pattern of triangles. Polyurethane pads are quite tough, and they, unlike the same Logitech G403, do not contact the fingers very well (not least because of their corrugation), and therefore in the wet palm your fingers will slip along these sides.

All additional buttons and part of the front is richly littered with glossy elements. Moreover, gloss is made of grooves that pass through the top of the mouse, and all these details very readily attract dust to themselves, so that the mouse will not survive the factory condition for a long time — you have to keep a rag in place to clean the device from dirt.

The mouse looks big, but in fact it is not so big. It is elongated and rather narrow, besides it does not have humps and high rises. So in size, it looks more like a mid-size mouse, and therefore it will be convenient for the owners to hold almost any palm. But most preferably it will be people with pianist fingers. Moreover, the mouse looks much more like a symmetrical form, to which a special support for the thumb was attached to the left side so that it would not drag along with the mouse over the mouse pad. And this is reflected in the convenience of the mouse grip.

If you just put your hand on the mouse, then in general the form fits very well in the palm, but it turns out to be a little finger outside the comfort zone – it just drags along the carpet, as there is simply no room for it. If you take the mouse at an angle (as I do), the thumb begins to contact the sniper button, and this, in turn, leads to random and unnecessary clicks. Due to the low profile and the absence of noticeable bends in the mouse, it is very convenient to control it with the palm of your hand — nothing gets in the way and does not dig into the hand. However, the full palm grip was not the most convenient because of the small width of the mouse.

The grip of the claw was very convenient, since all the fingers find a place for themselves, and the thumb does not touch the sniper button. And the owners of medium and large palms will be comfortable finger grip – low and narrow mouse perfectly keeps fingers, while there is a place inside the palm for making fine finishing and other precise maneuvers. But it should be borne in mind that playing with this grip would not be very convenient — it is difficult to control such a weighty mouse with only one finger.

However, such fragmentation of the mouse still affected the build quality. The main buttons have noticeable backlash, and when you release the button after pressing, they emit a soft plastic bounce. Of course, you don’t pay attention to this in the work, but in terms of assembly, the mouse lacks solidity. The main buttons are not very tight, moderately elastic, rather short and clearly noticeable pressing. All additional buttons have a light and somewhat cotton click due to the presence of idle. The side buttons (besides the already mentioned sniper) also touch the fingers, and they have a “slide-to-click” performance — when you lift the front or back phalanx of the thumb, it is easy to grope the right side button.

As for the sensor, then everything is standard for high-end optics: excellent sharpness, sensitivity and exceptional accuracy when performing absolutely any action. With such a sensor, you can conquer any games and graphic editors, and there is no limit to perfection, then it’s all about your skill.

But the feeling of the mouse as a whole is rather unusual. And it has several controversial points that do not allow her to become an ideal weapon for shooters. The grip of the mouse in my case turned out to be for the palm — with the full palm of my finger, my little finger invariably struck the pad, which definitely gave me a certain amount of discomfort.

However, this is not the only nuance that I experienced when I fiercely shot opponents heads in the DeathMatch. In addition to the unusual grip, which still needs to adjust, for a while I was distracted by the cable and weight of the device. Certainly, the cable feels good when there are sharp jerks of the mouse — it is by inertia a little dragging down the mouse behind it when I stopped the mouse on the carpet, and not the smallest mass does not allow to control all the same sharp jerks exclusively. So the sensor is good here, but the physical parameters seemed to me somewhat unusual. In any case, this is really not the biggest mouse I have ever experienced, and in my case it showed itself much better in everyday work, since using its elongation and compactness it was easy to work in the system, with graphics and other applications.

I would say that this mouse, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, is aimed absolutely at any games, but for shooters it is not perfect. In MOBA-games, it will manifest itself in a much better way, since it always requires a large number of buttons. And unlike any dissimilar “calculators” (so I kindly call the mice, who have all the extra buttons en masse on a single sidebar), here it’s easy to blindly find the right mouse and not make a mistake with the decision. And the mass with the cable in these cases is absolutely not important.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is another very thoughtful, organic and high-quality product, where the company applied its best ideas and best practices. I will say that this mouse is more suitable for work and for games, as purely for games there are options and simpler (like the same Logitech G403), and the presence of a large number of additional buttons in combination with not the smallest mass hardly makes the mouse The best option for shooters.

Nevertheless, Logitech G502 is an excellent and generally universal device with rich customization options, so any person who is not only actively interested in the gaming industry, but also prefers comfortable work on a PC using competent peripherals will appreciate it. The price of a mouse, like any other Logitech devices, is extremely affordable, making it just another device from the must have section.

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