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The end of the year brought several changes in the ranks of BIG, but today no one regrets such a development. All because the German formation, strengthened by the recently acquired Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Nils “k1to” Gruhne, today reached for the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 championship trophy, not leaving Renegades much of a chance in the final.

The first minutes of the match did not look great for BIG, because Renegades had a better start. Australians not only won the first pistol round, but also several rounds following it. However, for them the meeting really ended after the fifth round, because then the initiative was taken over by BIG, who did not really give it back to the very end. Despite the game on the theoretically harder side, the home team representatives caught up and then even took the lead, which just before the break was 10:5. What’s more, in the second half they didn’t give their opponents a single round, making their defence unbreakable. It all ended with a scoreline of 16: 5, which brought the germans closer to the desired victory.

On Dust2, the dominance of the German-Turkish formation continued, although both teams also gave us a light déjà vu. All because Renegades seemed better prepared at the start, who turned out to be better at pistols, but they did it only to quickly give way to opponents. These did not have to be invited twice — BIG diligently regained the winning mindset and, aware of the shortcomings in the opposing five, started the march for victory.

Or maybe not a “march”, but a “run”, because subsequent points hit the account of syrsoN and the company at the speed of a machine gun. The result was a huge advantage of 11:4, which seemed to determine who would win. Nevertheless, Renegades did not intend to give up so easily and went to come back after the attack. What’s more, it was going well enough that they unexpectedly even led to an 11:11 draw. But that would be all she wrote, as the last word belonged to the players of BIG. They finally woke up from the long lethargy and put a dot over I, triumphing 16:12.

The final classification and distribution of the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 prize pool is as follows:

1. BIG $ 50,000
2. Renegades $ 20,000
3-4. Heroic, MAD Lions $ 10,000
5-6. Cloud9, North $ 3,000
7-8. Sprout, $ 2,000
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