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Cheating in professional esports games is nothing new. There have been cases of explicit use of unauthorized software, match-fixing, actions contrary to tournament regulations, and many other cases of abuse that resulted in smaller or larger fines. This time, the winner of the Asian edition of the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational nicknamed Sekosama, was banned for cheating in the finals of the event.

What did the mentioned Sekosama do? Players participating in the abovementioned competition discovered after the end of the final struggle that the winner left important items and sets in selected locations, which were then collected by his colleague. The problem, of course, is that in FNCS players compete independently, and possible fraternizing with other participants is severely punished. Moreover, leaving objects on the ground was not the only offense of Sekosama and his companion. The helper of the final winner often allowed him to pick up an additional score and left important equipment for him, which helped him to get the highest score possible.

This type of practice allowed Sekosama to gain a significant advantage in the twelve matches of the final stage of the FNCS Invitational, which puts the player on a seven-point lead over a player with the nickname qjac. If Sekosama did not resort to cheating, he would have won $ 15,000 for the first place in the Asian edition of FNCS. However, after considering many reports of his dubious integrity, the organizers excluded the cheater from the competition for two weeks, and his win (and the cash prize that comes with it) was taken away from him.

In view of the above, qjac jumped in the first place, scoring a total of 198 points, ahead of the Magu by just one point.

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