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Sunday evening brought a real earthquake in the ranks of MIBR. A series of disappointing results prompted the management to a significant reshuffle, with which other members of the CS:GO team, however, did not agree. And they made it clear.

We would like to remind you that Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo ended their cooperation with the Latin American formation yesterday, after they were let go by the organization. As well as coach Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia, who was suspended due to a coach bug abuse. All three have paid a heavy price for the subsequent humiliation their team has suffered in recent months, including during a bootcamp in Europe that has been going on for several weeks.

However, the band leader Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo looks at the whole thing differently, having posted a long entry on social media. “Now more than ever, I need to be faithful to my values ​​and my heart, which means closing the chapter of this beautiful story. I want to announce my dissatisfaction with MIBR’s decision to completely change the line-up for which I decided to play. We joined here as a team and as a team, we will leave, going hand in hand every day, motivated by a true passion for the game. Every morning we wake up driven by the mission of overcoming our own opportunities and becoming better,” the 29-year-old admitted.

But this is not the end. Due to this situation, FalleN asked the organization to remove him from the active roster. “I’m not satisfied with the last decision. The last few weeks have been difficult and demanding, so I asked to be removed from the squad so that I could think about the next moves. This time will be needed for me to find myself and regain the peace I need to choose the right path when I have fulfilled my contract,” Toledo announced. “The only thing I’m sure is that this is not the point where it will end for me,” he added.

If the team leader actually lands in the reserve, the MIBR squad will be reduced to just two players. And this is not entirely certain, because yesterday Vito “kNg” Giuseppe also expressed his dissatisfaction with the staff changes. 

“I do not agree with the changes made. Unfortunately, since I came here, there have been changes all the time, which in my opinion does not help with the proper development of the whole team. Besides, I don’t know what will happen next,” he said. Therefore, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that this is not the end of the confusion in the Brazilian team, whose future remains unknown at the moment.

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