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The official premiere of VALORANT is just around the corner — the shooter from Riot Games will enter the market exactly on June 2. On this day, players will be able to return to climbing the ranking ladder, which will have at least one major change.

The highest available rank in the game was called the same as the game itself, which could be a bit confusing. The creators are aware of this and ensure that by the day of release they will introduce changes in this matter.

“When we were thinking of names, Valorant seemed to be a really great choice for the highest rank. What could be cooler than climbing the ranks, aspiring to be an elite Valorant, or the epitome of the game itself! But you’re right, it’s a bit confusing. We understand that, I also understand it. We will change this before releasing the game,” said Sean Szopinski, senior game designer in an interview for Polygon.

The American has also opened the secret about the further evolution of ranked games. Players who achieved the highest rank during the closed beta did not have anything to compete for. According to an employee of Riot Games, the shooter may include a solution known from League of Legends, where people with the rank of Challenger fight for the honor of being number one in the world.

“When it comes to showing a specific rating for top players, this is something we’ve talked about a lot and will eventually become part of the VALORANT ecosystem,” adds Szopinski.

As a reminder, today you can test VALORANT for the last time in the closed beta phase. At 19:30 CEST, the game servers will be turned off and reopen only in five days, when the title will be available to the public.

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