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This year, the tenth edition of the legendary Doty 2 tournament, The International, was to take place. It did not come to be because due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is not certain whether it will take place before the end of 2020. However, it did not stop the community around Valve’s MOBA from record-breaking. And not just any record, because it is the highest prize pool in the history of esports.

The International is the Dota 2 tournament that players and the community have been waiting for all year. It is a world championship, during which the absolutely best players compete not only for the title and to be remembered in history, but also for huge cash prizes. In previous years, these struggles were won by the likes of Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Invictus Gaming, or Alliance, and the two previous editions were won by OG, for which the team collected a total of almost USD 27 million.

People unfamiliar with the Dota 2 scene may wonder where these high prize pools actually come from. Don’t think that Valve is so keen on giving out huge sums. The American corporation provides exactly $1,600,000 every year to kick-off the beginning of the competition. The rest is entirely up to the community, after all, its members decide to purchase Battle Passes ($ 9.99 for the Tier 1 Package, $ 29.35 for the Level 50 Package, $ 44.99 for the Level 100 Package) and other virtual items. Valve, on the other hand, donate 25% of revenues from the sale of these elements to the TI prize pool.

The International’s prize pools over the years:

TournamentPrize pool
The International 2011$ 1,600,000
The International 2012$ 1,600,000
The International 2013$ 2,874,380
The International 2014$ 10,923,977
The International 2015$ 18,429,613
The International 2016$ 20,770,460
The International 2017$ 24,787,916
The International 2018$ 25,532,177
The International 2019$ 34,330,068

Today it has become certain that the prize pool of the next edition of The International will be higher than it was a year ago. At this point, the official website of the latest Dota 2 Battle Pass indicates that this time there will be a total of $ 34,333,874 to be won. And although at this point it is not a big difference compared to the 2019 pool, it should be remembered that the fundraiser is still going on. 

When will it end? We cannot be sure of that. Today is the 92nd day of collection, and in 2018 and 2019 it lasted exactly 110 days. Will it be so this time? Or will it be prolonged because of the delayed competition? We will find out soon.

The tenth edition of The International was to be held in Stockholm this year. So far, however, no decision has been made as to what will happen to the tournament, and when (or where) it is to take place.

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