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Today is the day — today in the morning the official premiere of VALORANT took place, and therefore Riot Games has released the premiere update. In it we will find, above all, several important news, such as new heroine, Reyna. Something about the Mexican agent we could have heard before, but only now we can see for ourselves what she will be capable of. And we can check it on Ascent, a new map thanks to which the pool available in the game has been expanded to four arenas.

At the same time, we don’t have to limit ourselves to the classic 5v5 mode, because a new mode called Spike Rush has arrived.

However, the focus was not only on new products, because the characters present in the game so far have been improved — in both visual and functional improvements. Significant changes have reached Omen, which will make it easier to use, but at the same time will cause fear among enemies. We also have good information for those who were irritated by problems with getting the center on the map on Split — Riot widened the area there to make attacking with this part of the map more effective.

And this is still not the end, because today’s update has introduced a lot of smaller or larger improvements related to the operation of the game itself. And although this is obviously not the end, because the creators themselves admit that they are aware of certain problems, e.g. with detecting the hit location, still a lot of things that could be bothersome during the beta, simply disappeared. Just as the possibility of playing in the ranked mode has disappeared — this one has been turned off for now, because the people responsible for VALORANT want to work on it and start working with it for some time, when they apply the modifications requested by the players.

The full list of items contained in the Tuesday update is as follows:

Agent updates

  • Sage
    • Healing Ball’s cooldown has been increased from 35 to 45 seconds. We like how much health Sage can recover during a single treatment, but we had the impression that she could use this skill too often in one round.
    • The strength of a single Barrier Ball segment has been reduced from 1000 to 800.
    • The duration of the Barrier Ball is reduced from 40 to 30 seconds.
    • The walls of the allied Barrier Ball are now visible on the minimap. Previous changes to the Sage Barrier Bullet provided additional counter capabilities during early rounds and rounds with pistols, but it had too much impact on each round. We hope that the wall will remain a powerful tool to delay the enemy, but we want players to think about when to use it during the round.
  • raze
    • The maximum damage radius of Bomb Paki has been reduced from 2 to 1 meter. Bomb Crate turned out to be quite powerful, especially used one after the other. By reducing the inner radius of maximum damage, we count on reducing the average damage done by this skill without undermining it too much.
  • Jett
    • The duration of smoke from the Cloud Veil has been extended from 4 to 7 seconds. We think Jett is a valuable agent because of her ability to prevent the opponent from exchanging fire effectively. However, we think her team support skills could be better. In this way we will give her and her companions more time to use the smoke.
    • Successful Wind automatically destroys Cypher’s Avengers shortly after revealing the player. Auspicious Wind is so powerful that Jett should easily break free from any tether. It will allow her a bit more freedom in using aggressive but slightly risky moves, giving more space to the whole team.
  • Phoenix
    • The duration of the Fire is increased from 6 to 8 seconds. We had the impression that the short duration of the fire wall combined with the long duration of use and its short range forced Phoenix to play a somewhat predictable game when he wanted to use it. We slightly extend its duration to give it more room for maneuver.
    • Changed Fire damage from 15 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.033 seconds.
    • Changed the amount of Fire heal damage from 3 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.16 seconds. Damage and healing over time have been updated to accommodate changes in other skills that deal damage over time. In addition, we’ve adjusted the damage / healing value to be half as effective as Hot Hands, and the healing effect of each of these two skills was equal (50 health points each). The changes were also aimed at preventing Pożoga from becoming a real “healing” skill compared to Hot Hands.
    • Change in the amount of damage treated by Hot Hands from 3 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.08 seconds. Updated healing model over time to accommodate changes in damage skills over time.
    • The maximum flash duration of the Curved Ball has been increased from 0.8 to 1.1 seconds. The duration of the flash is short due to the speed at which Phoenix can send the Curved Ball towards the stray enemy. However, we found it too short, especially for the new skill price – 200 credits.
    • The Second Approach automatically reloads all weapons upon rebirth. Closer to this change to improve the quality of the game. Ult Phoenix often puts him in a situation where he empties magazines just before sending it back. This irritated the players playing Phoenix, because they had to wait a few seconds for a revival, to lose another second for reloading, often being under enemy fire. We believe that a few seconds of respawn justify automatic reloading.
  • Omen
    • Paranoia must now be equipped, it is no longer a quick use skill. Hit detection, especially at close range, has also been improved. The usage has been changed to reward more active use of Paranoia instead of its reactionary use. Enemies will be alerted when the bullet is launched instead of just getting in its way. This will hit enemies much more effectively.
    • Dark Shield – to create smoke, Omen now enters the world in which he sees through the walls, and pressing the RELEASE button switches the tracking mode between normal and “phase”. We wanted Omen to be able to create smoke more precisely in selected places, especially those located above. We’ve enabled the switch to the old view to support fast, close-range gameplay using smoke that many Omen players have mastered at a high level.
    • Dark Shield control has been updated – Omen can now increase the smoke distance with the BASIC ARROW key, reduce the ALTERNATIVE ARROW key, and throw it using the ABILITY KEY. Yes, at first it can be a difficult to control change for those who play Omen, but in the long run (and in the case of new players) we decided that it is now more intuitive when we control the distance by holding one hand on the mouse.
    • Step into the Darkness – Omen can now see the teleportation place on the map and the indicator that shows him the selected place when his vision is limited. We want Omen to know where he will be teleported, especially if he teleports from his own smoke.
    • From Shadows – Omen can now cancel teleportation while in shadowy form if he presses the ABILITY KEY again. If canceled, Omen will lose all his ulta points. We want Omen to initiate actions and cause fear in the ranks of the enemy, using his ulta. Earlier, the penalty for its use was almost certain death, if the player was caught by the enemy, so this skill was rarely used. Allowing cancellation of ulta when Omen is in danger (although at the cost of losing all ulta points) may open up new opportunities for players, while allowing them to choose the best place to teleport.
  • We have moved more of the sounds made by agents to the category of sounds showing their audibility on the minimap through the white circle. It’s about the sounds of skill, reload, interaction with Spike and more. Why? We wanted to make players understand when their sounds are heard by their enemies and make them realize how far a given sound can reach.

Map updates

  • We present a new map – Ascent. Ascent is a map embedded in Italy. It introduces a large, open area in the middle for which both teams can fight. The center is an area where you can use a variety of skills, and taking control of it opens additional paths for attackers to both points where you can plant Spike. As Ascent is a new map prepared for the premiere, during the first few days it can be chosen more often during matchmaking, so that players have more opportunities to learn about it.
  • Split
  • A narrow isthmus in the middle was rebuilt. We had the impression that the defenders were able to effectively “plug” the main narrow passage in the middle for most of the round. The new layout should remedy this. The changes widen the space a bit and provide an additional opportunity to use the skills to delay enemies on the stairs. Attackers also have a wider field to show off if they want to occupy tower B and valves.
  • The repair crew at the train station was able to replace the burnt speaker system.
  • One frog is warmer in the head now.
  • Haven / Bind / Split / Ascent
  • We have implemented our new system to fight against vulnerabilities on all maps – it will prevent any player from escaping outside the game space.
  • We’re still repairing a collision at a level to ensure smooth gameplay throughout the entire game area.
  • We have completed optimization of the so-called “Drawing commands”.
  • We’re blocking other places where Cyphera’s Spy Camera prevented opponents from counterattacking. Of course, we thank everyone who helped track these locations!

Competition mode update

  • Competition mode will not be available on the day of release. As in the case of the start of a closed beta, here we focus on ensuring the stability of services before launching ranking matchmaking. It is also a nod to new players, just like it was during the closed beta, when everyone had to master the game itself before they started playing ranked games. We will also introduce some corrections here, based on feedback from players after a closed beta. We plan to launch the ranked mode in one of the next patches after the game’s release.

Performance updates

  • In this patch, our team has been able to fix several performance issues. We focused mainly on the decrease in the number of frames you could experience during the fight. In moments when there is not much happening on the screen, you may not necessarily notice an increase in FPS. But know that performance improvements are not over. You can expect more action in future updates.
  • Performance during combat: the number of frames dropped during combat has been corrected. Thanks to this, the game should look smoother, especially when fighting on higher class computers. “Combining effects” for strikes, shots and steps. This should limit the drop in frames during these events.
  • Cartridge scales have been excluded from physical calculations and their reverberation sounds. In the future, after optimization, we plan to restore this function.
  • The consumption of signals available under the Z key and those after the player’s death has been reduced by a factor of 10.
  • Fixed a bug causing 90 raycast per second when signaling.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the frame rate to drop regularly if the game’s options menu was NOT opened.
  • The FPS value on the hardware between the middle and upper class has been increased: CPU-side computations for game threads and rendering have been accelerated. These changes will especially affect the owners of more powerful GPUs, limited by the speed of their CPU. The minimap has been optimized for visible elements.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the minimap being calculated twice for each frame.
  • Edge solids have been repaired for various visual effects, limiting the number of updated effects at any given time.
  • The cost of updating the rendering thread transformation has been reduced.
  • Various HUD elements have been redesigned to date on an extremely slow component.
  • Increased FPS on hardware between lower and middle class: Improved content that will help to render the game world on lower and middle class computers. The so-called “Drawing commands” on all maps.
  • Removed non-gameplay map particles at low and medium level of detail quality.
  • First-person shadows have been optimized so that they don’t contain light that doesn’t affect the final appearance of shadows.
  • Excessive textures in tags, telescopes and silencers have been removed.
  • The visual effects of all skills of characters such as Omen, Sage and Viper have been optimized
  • The vulnerability was prevented by using the Nvidia Inspector tool, allowing view through the walls posed by Viper and Phoenix.
  • Speaker configuration settings have been added.
  • Tooltips explaining individual graphic settings have been added.
  • GPU time statistics now also include idle time.

Quality of the game

  • Death from a non-enemy player no longer grants ulta points. This includes death due to Spike, fall injuries, companion’s or own skill. This should eliminate the strange methods of collecting ulta points when the player’s death has no major impact on the game (e.g. killing at the end of the pistol round or death at the hand of a companion at the beginning of the saving round). We will monitor the topic to see if you need to further discourage players from dying of their own accord in saving rounds.
  • Added message “VALORANT Community Rules” for new players.
  • Text and voice chat restrictions have been added for people who are notorious for breaking the ‘Community rules’. Text and voice chat restrictions are imposed for 72 hours.
  • After imposing restrictions, the player will have to log out. This will give him a moment to cool down and rethink his behavior before logging in to VALORANT again. 🙂
  • Text chat restrictions will apply to everyone and team chat, but group chat will still be available.
  • Voice chat restrictions will apply to team chat, but group chat will still be available.
  • Submission categories have been updated to reflect the broader scope of violations of “Community Policies.”
  • Added transition screens between character selection and proper game.
  • The weapon skin upgrade button now indicates the type of upgrade received (version, animation, etc.).
  • Visual updates on collection and contract pages.
  • Signaling calculations have been adjusted to be more accurate.
  • A setting has been added to disable the follower number widget in the HUD.
  • Updated camera after death of character to avoid covering the screen immediately after death.
  • Game version watermark added.
  • Observer updates First-person view with fresnel effect added during team observation.
  • Added consistent colors for attackers / defenders in HUD.
  • Attackers and defenders do not switch places in the HUD in rounds when sides change.
  • Key assignments do not change every round when switching between players.
  • The scoreboard has been repaired to show the correct result.
  • The “hold time” which was activated while waiting for the player to reconnect at the beginning of the shopping phase has been removed.
  • Store icons updated.

HUD and user interface

  • Visual effects have been added for skills, kill list and ceremonies (e.g. Ace or Clutch).
  • Inventory view of Spike updated.
  • Store armor icons have been updated.
  • Character portraits updated.
  • Chat restrictions have been added so that when you send the same signal or voice command repeatedly, only one message of this type will be sent.

Game bugs fixed

  • Fixed a ‘scrolling’ hit registration issue that affected all players and became even more intrusive with a lower FPS value. Scrolling is when the client and server communicate with each other to know if a hit has occurred. The server scrolls (tells the client – you should be here) to adapt to delays or lags.
  • Hit registration for clients with a low FPS value has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to move at tremendous speed after using the Viper Toxic Curtain as a booster.
  • Fixed an issue where Vox Toxic Cloud could be activated in the air if raised.
  • The slowdown has been removed from the description of Viper Venomous Bite.
  • Cypher’s Spy Camera now shows the direction in which it is facing after the takeover.
  • Fixed more places where players should not be able to place Cypher’s Spy Camera.
  • Sova’s arrows have been repaired, sometimes reflecting in an unpredictable manner.
  • Sova’s arrows have been fixed so that they can’t be seen through some walls.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Jett’s lower body shifting while gliding – Physical Therapy works wonders!
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the blood to be turned off.
  • Fixed an issue with observers where killed players were displayed in the HUD as Phoenix when the entire team was dead.
  • Fixed an observer bug that caused Cypher streaks to appear incorrectly if the observer switched to him after Cypher entered or left the camera preview.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being disconnected after switching sides to surrender instead of losing win money.
  • Fixed an issue where client-side streaks were desynchronized when switching control.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing PPM while using Bucky’s weapon would allow it to break through the world’s geography.
  • Fixed an issue with the communication bubble above the player’s head – it should now be visible when using group and team chat.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of credits in the HUD was significantly higher than 800 (which is received during rounds after switching sides).
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the team having more credits than the limit on the leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players’ movement to be inaccurate after being resurrected or revived.
  • The possibility of exceeding the limit on interactive objects, such as bullets or Spike, has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the companion’s gear to display wounded companions as full health.
  • Fixed a bug related to HUD messages that were truncated if the key used to activate the message was assigned to a key with more than one letter.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the message during the purchasing phase to indicate that the “B” key should be pressed to purchase, even though the key assigned to open the armory was different.
  • Fixed an issue where communications restoration messages were visible at the beginning of each round.
  • Fixed an observer bug that resulted in overlapping text in the purchase phase message.
  • Fixed an observer bug where some skills were not displayed correctly on the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the signal wheel on the large map not being grayed out after reaching the signal limit.
  • Fixed an issue in the armory that caused weapons to disappear after purchase.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the “Equip Last Used Weapon” keyboard shortcut to not work properly after using a skill.
  • Overlapping instability indicators (e.g. high ping) and observer widget have been fixed.
  • Overlapping texts and overruns in the Battle Report have been fixed.
  • Fixes issue whereby models of dead characters occasionally flickered.
  • Fixed an animation error when watching observers when aiming at Odin’s weapon.
  • The mouse cursor flickering in several places has been repaired.
  • The hint indicating the contracts can now be permanently turned off.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in half of the arsenal’s page to disappear after clicking the ‘Collection’ tab.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in personalized store offers to flicker before disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in various menus to overlapping the lobby screen after skipping the queue.

Game client bugs fixed

  • Several visual bugs have been fixed in the settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘In Window’ display mode where the VALORANT game window did not save its position correctly.
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