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Are you waiting impatiently for a refreshment of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament map pool? Well, there is currently little indication that Valve is planning a move, but the best part of it is that you never know. However, a large portion of the CS community see de_tuscan as a potential map to end this stagnation. This one has not officially made it to the latest installment of the legendary FPS, but work is underway. The creators just boasted the current state of the awaited location.

The last time, Colin “brute” Volrath and catfood, the people working on this arena, informed us of the progress in September last year. Then we got two graphics that didn’t show much. Now, however, we have received material that is much more valuable, because the creators shared a video recording with the current Work-in-progress production. The video contains the so-called “Flights” around various Tuscan locations. 

So you can see, for example, the respawns of the defending and attacking sides, alleys leading to both bomb sites, places where the load is placed or the current minimap. With the naked eye, there is still a lot of work ahead for the authors. Although the layout has already been moved to CS: GO, the arena still requires many hours of work on the visuals, optimization, balancing, and more.

So far, brute and catfood have not shared even the approximate start date of de_tuscan open beta. However, there are two important pieces of information in the video. The first is that the map will be available for play on the FACEIT platform. When? We don’t know that. The second is a request to professional players and those who play at a higher than casual level, to report to the authors if they are interested in testing Tuscan.

Interested in playtesting the new Tuscan? Reach out to the creators of the map directly on Twitter.

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