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Tuscan in CS:GO is one of the biggest unfulfilled dreams of the community from Valve. The map was present in various versions in the Steam Workshop, but it never gained approval from the game developers. Will the ongoing work on the new version of the arena change this?

Yesterday on social media there were news that a renewed Tuscan is being created. Both the creator of the original map, Colin “brute” Volrath, and catfood were to lend a hand in this project — the latter in the past created arenas such as Shipped, Ruby, Log, and Tulip.

 It is worth mentioning, however, that the activities of the aforementioned duo are at a rather early stage and it is difficult to predict when we will see the final effect. However, two graphics showing the current look of the map have been published on the web as a sweetener.

Interestingly, as announced by Dani “Nors3” Norse, the founder of the Spanish organization Dogmination, professional players from the top 50 teams of HLTV who express their interest in the project will have the opportunity to test the new Tuscan. What about Valve? It is not known yet — let us remind you that Gabe Newell’s company never got the legendary map for the Global Offensive version, despite the fact that brute had promised a few years ago that he would willingly give up the rights for it, just to see it in the game.

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