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League of Legends VALORANT

Currently, VALORANT is only available on personal computers, but many are wondering whether in the future Riot Games is going to increase the number of devices on which it will be possible to play the FPS. Representatives of the American studio took the floor in this matter.

Riot announced from the beginning that the premiere of VALORANT for the PC is planned for summer this year. Some time ago, we even received the assurance that the global health situation would not prevent it, which forced many employees to move from the office to their homes. Until now, the developers have not mentioned plans to adapt the game, e.g. to consoles or smartphones. Now, however, they spoke on this matter and it is possible that the production will also appear on devices other than computers.

“We are considering other platforms, such as consoles or mobile devices, but now the team is working hard to provide the best possible experience for PC players,” Joe Ziegler, Game Director for VALORANT, spoke about the plans for consoles and mobile devices.

In the case of FPS, however, one should not talk about whether it will go to other platforms, but rather when it happens. The mobile games market plays a very important role not only in the west, but also in Asia, where titles like PUBG Mobile are extremely popular.

Riot has already proved that mobile players are not unknown to them, as evidenced by the fact that Teamfight Tactics has recently hit smartphones and tablets, and work is currently underway on League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of the popular MOBA game.

What about consoles? VALORANT on PlayStation or Xbox could be a possibility, after all, in North America, where devices of this type are very popular, could be a massive market for the game. Blizzard’s Overwatch had considerable success bringing their game to consoles a few years back.

Currently, VALORANT is in the closed beta phase. The premiere of the game is planned for summer this year.

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