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Riot Games announced the fight against cheaters from the very beginning — these assurances have fallen again recently when the first cheater was banned during the closed beta. Some people, however, complain that Vanguard, a program designed to protect against dishonest players, can have a negative impact on our computers.

There have been many threads on forums that have been started by people who complain that since the installation of VALORANT they have had huge problems with the decrease of FPS in other games. This situation seems to affect a large number of users and has already been reported in a special thread on the official reddit for the game.

It is problematic because Vanguard itself is closely related to VALORANT, it works in the background and we can’t just remove it, because even if we do it, it will be installed again when restarting the title.

Riot’s Anti-Cheat software Vanguard is causing frame drops in all my games, including Valorant making them unplayable with the software installed. from r/VALORANT

Even warning materials have already appeared before installing the Riot software. In the movie, which says a lot about the title “Why you shouldn’t install VALORANT”, Mutahar Anas from the SomeOrdinaryGamers channel noted that Vanguard receives the highest level administrative privileges from our system, which has been compared to rootkits, which are tools used during hacking into IT systems.

The software works from the kernel position, which was supposed to ensure high efficiency in stopping fraudsters. However, the fact that after only a few days the first cheaters appeared, who had to be banned, puts this theory in question.

In addition, it is not known whether Vanguard, thanks to its privileges, does not collect any information about the user, although the representatives of Riot Games themselves assured that nothing of this sort takes place.

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