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Esports bookmaker has announced that it will host an online tournament for European CS:GO teams with €50,000 on the line. The tournament will run from August 31 for two weeks, featuring 12 up-and-coming European teams.

Titled Legend Series, the event will be organized and produced by Allied Esports from its HyperX Esports Studio in Hamburg, Germany and broadcast live on Twitch with a lineup of professional casters and analysts. All 12 slots will be filled through direct invites though teams participating in Tier 2 and below are all invited to apply starting July 15, with first invites to be sent on July 17.

“We’re excited to play a role in providing a platform for smaller teams to compete for prize money,’’ said Magnus Leppaniemi, VP of Marketing and Head of Esports at Esports Entertainment Group. “While the largest esports teams earned tens of millions of dollars in prize money last year, there are hundreds of smaller teams that get excluded from the flagship competitions.”

“The CS:GO Legend Series is our first effort at working to fill this void, and we look forward to getting involved in more events like this moving forward,” he added.

Two-week, high-intensity CS:GO Legend Series format will include 11 consecutive days of best-of-1 matches where teams will accumulate points and prize money for each win. The top eight teams from the first round will advance to a best-of-three bracket played over the last three days of the competition.

“The Legend Series has been one of our most successful original tournament brands and we are thrilled to work with the platform to add a wagering component,” added Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment.

The CS:GO Legend Series will be Allied Esports’ sixth edition of the CS:GO Legend Series and the first to feature a licensing partner and title sponsor. Additional versions of the series have previously included Overwatch, League of Legends, FIFA, COD Blackout and Valorant.

European teams can apply to participate in the CS:GO Legend Series by following this link.

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