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Psyonix has officially announced some time ago that Rocket League is moving towards changing the business model. It was known that the game would switch to the free to play model, but it has not been confirmed when exactly this will happen — we only found out the date now.

Football for cars will become fully free later this month, on September 23 to be more precise. However, it is worth remembering that then the game will also be available only on the Epic Game Store, and its purchase on Steam will become impossible. Although people who have used the Valve platform so far have no reason to worry because they will still be able to play RL and receive all upcoming updates as well without having to leave Steam.

Importantly, it will be possible to transfer progress between versions of the game from different platforms and launchers, but it is necessary to link accounts with an Epic Games Store profile. 

It is also worth mentioning that people who had fun in Rocket League before it switched to the F2P model, will receive the Legacy status and will be awarded, among others free DLC packs that were previously paid.

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