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Is DOTA Underlords dead? Is anyone playing it? Should you start playing Underlods in 2020? It is worth starting with the fact that the “Dota Underlords” project was launched on June 14, 2019, after the insane success from the usual “custom” Auto Chess, Valve released its analog – Dota Underlords.

Then the owners of the 2019 Dota 2 Battle Pass got access to the closed beta test on June 13, 2019, a few days later, the owners of the Battle Pass also received 3 keys each for accessing the beta version, which they could give to other users.

A shaky start

The new game (a nice rework from Valve themselves) at the very start in June 2019 received a peak of 202,000 users. What can I say, a great start for a game mode, which has become a separate game. Direct connection to DOTA 2 with a huge player base. However, something went wrong and next month the game lost 20% ​​of the audience. It was already necessary to grab the head at this moment.

The rate of audience decline continued.

On October 24, 2019, the game was waiting for the first major update

The developers released the Big Update, which added the Lords of the White Spire (Hobgen and Anessix), new game modes, and a number of heroes, items and alliances. In addition, the previously introduced heroes and alliances have undergone significant changes.

The update was controversial because the new lords introduced a very large imbalance to the game, additional difficulties for players who appreciated the simplicity of this auto-chess game.

For this reason, a large number of players deleted the application from their mobile devices and stopped playing, because there were problems with the balance, which the developers were in no hurry to fix.

There was also a pairing regime that was absolutely stupid and no different. In fact, there are constant problems and misunderstandings with multiplayer in Underlords.

February and March + 40% players

In February 2020, the second major update awaits us: Season 1, City Raid and Battle Pass. Two alliances left the game.

The peak from 11k returned to 30k unique users. The players thought that the game came to life and the developers started working on it …

4 months have passed

All we can see now is a 9.5k peak. Rare and minimal updates that do not change the game for the better in any way.

Lack of player interest leads to a lack of content and tournaments for the game. The game is dead, I do not understand where you can get the motivation to play it, if the creators of the game absolutely do not care about the fate of their project.

To play it or not is your choice.

I considered it necessary to somehow describe a situation in the game that no one remembers anymore.

The article was written by a member of the community via the Writer Academy program.

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