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One of the novelties that were included in the premiere update of VALORANT is the fourth map. During the closed beta, there were only three arenas in rotation, which after some time could lead to some kind of monotony. This is to be counteracted by the emergence of a new area of ​​activity, which, according to rumors that have been appearing for some time, has been placed … in the clouds.

Significantly, we again received a typically urban area, as was already the case with Split. The first thing to pay attention to is the minimap, and it looks like this:

Again, we get two bombsites at our disposal, which is the same as for Split and Bind. Nevertheless, this arena has its own specific property. On some maps we had climbing links, on other one-sided teleports, on Ascent we will find bulletproof doors, which when closed, cut off one of the paths to the site — then you have to destroy them, at the same time alerting your rivals where you are coming from, or look for a roundabout, losing precious time.

And what does the map look visually? Italian inspirations are visible to the naked eye — anyway, references to Venice have already been mentioned. A Venice in the skies, if you would.

Importantly, VALORANT still doesn’t have an option to select specific maps when startint the game. In the case of Ascent, however, an exception was made so that players could learn more about the new arena, without having to wait until it falls in rotation.

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