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Is a question that haunts me since the very announcement of this game in 2019 and every time it is shown at the next video game conference. So today – they showed at Sony’s presentation “gameplay trailer number 2”, from which it seems clear that it is cool, fun and “immersive”, but at the same time thoughts about how SPECIFICALLY all this should be played do not leave my chubby brain.

Four videos dedicated to Deathloop have already been posted on the studio channel. I revised them in anticipation that this difficult knowledge would finally descend upon me. All in vain.

No, the general concept is clear to me: you spawn, you start to nightmare the 8 “bosses” declared to you at the beginning of the game. If you do not have time to nightmare them all in the allotted time (or you die), you start over. Well done, roll the credits. That is, the gameplay cycle seems to emerge from all this disgrace, however, due to the information vacuum that the developers have formed around this game, I still absolutely do not understand how exactly some of its game mechanics work (or should work).

Firstly, from all the officially published materials, it is clear that in order to fulfill the global goal of the game – “to break the loop” – it is necessary to break the faces of 8 “bosses” of the game, which is clearly not going to work. So, you need to explore locations, look for shortcuts and safe routes, find out the location and schedule of each goal, and only then get close to them and cruelly terminate. However, as one of the developers said in one of the materials on the game: “After death, you do not lose experience.” Question: what kind of “experience” are we talking about? About the character’s synthetic experience (leveling it up), or the experience of the player himself? And what about weapons and ammunition? Does it need to be searched again every time, or does it remain after respawn?

Secondly, it is known that there are two active playable characters in the game: one hunts for “bosses” and tries to “break the loop”; the second one hunts the first one. How is this supposed to work? Can the player switch between characters? If so, at any time? What for? For what purpose might a player want, while completing one in-game task, to suddenly decide to switch to an antagonist character and ruin his own progress? If the switching between characters is not at the will of the player, then in what ways will the developers encourage him to switch his “empathy” to the active character?

Or are we talking about two separate campaigns, in one of which you play as a “loopbreaker” and in the other as the other “loopbreaker”? Whereas in each campaign an antagonist will be implemented: through AI, or with asymmetric multiplayer? The most detailed coverage of this topic is in the video entitled “DEATHLOOP – Developer Update | QuakeCon at Home ”, where the native Frenchman Dinga Bakaba, who is also the game director of the game, explains at length how it works in not very native and not very French. However, at the end of the viewing, it became clear to me that I had not received an answer to the questions that had arisen.

Third, how mortal will the active characters be and how much will the game punish me for my mistakes? The loopbreaker is known to have until midnight, 24 in-game hours, to complete this goal, after which the cycle starts over. Okay, what time is it in real time? If I make an error, will I be able to extend / rewind this timer, conditionally, to avoid an error?

Fourth, will it be necessary to eliminate all the goals in each new iteration, or will they be revived every time? Judging by the fact that GG # 2 will respawn, we can conclude that it will be so with the rest of the “bosses”.

That is, the whole game will be built around the fact that you have to, like a speedrunner, look for and kill the bosses … learn the most optimal routes for eliminating targets in order to have time to deal with everyone in time. That is, the thing turns out to be quite specific and is suitable mainly for those who like this. Provided that I interpreted all the information I have about this game correctly.

It is not very reasonable for me to doubt the ability of the studio to make games, because I played Dishonored, and Prey, and even a little of Dark Messiah and Arch Fatalis. However, my meticulousness sincerely requires me to have a clear picture of what exactly will I be giving my money for in 2021.

In the meanwhile, just waiting for the next conference…

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