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In September, there were cardinal changes in MIBR, but this time it was not the players who initiated it, but the leaders of the club. They decided to change not the newbie – trk, but the “oldies”. Fer, TACO and trainer dead, recently banned for using a camera bug, left the team. The decision was not agreed with the rest of the team, which led to their dissatisfaction. kNgV- and Fallen were outraged by the organization’s decision. As a result, Toledo decided to go into inactive and think about further plans.

MIBR remains the most likely option for FalleN’s career. Disagreements with management can be resolved, and new players and the coach can be agreed with the team. The contract also plays an important role. Gabriel Toledo is the current player of the club, and therefore will be able to leave only if someone buys his contract.

The biggest makeover on the professional scene is currently taking place at Cloud9. However, the legendary Brazilian is unlikely to be of interest to the management of the North American club. The general manager, using the example of GuardiaN, has already said that he needs star players. Starry by current standards, not from 2015-2016. In addition, the club already has a sniper and a captain. The situation is the same with Complexity. Despite the rumors that fer and TACO will move to Cloud9, Fallen can only dream of joining them. Why would Americans build MIBR 2.0? There is no reason for this.

The other American roster – Team Liquid – still does not have a full-time sniper, from the excluded nitr0 this role has passed to NAF. Why the North Americans took another Grim riffler remains a mystery. From the same Triumph team, it was possible to take a young and promising sniper Junior, but the organization made a different choice, taking the strongest player according to individual statistics. 

The captain’s skills of Stewie2k also raise questions: he did not have much experience in playing this role – only in Cloud9, but there he was soon replaced by tarik. The Brazilian TACO once played in Liquid, but the team is unlikely to dare to repeat such an experience – now the roster is building the game after the captain has changed, and new changes may negatively affect this process.

If you go to the right, you will go to Europe. If you go left, you will find America. If you go straight, you’ll start playing Valorant

Another potential organization for the legendary Brazilian is mousesports. After going online, the team stopped showing results. Everything went to the fact that the club would have to change its roster – and as a result w0xic left the team. The role of the sniper returned to Chrisj, and young Bymas became the newcomer to the roster. If the club management decides to change Chrisj for a stronger sniper and captain, then Toledo will have a real opportunity to join the international squad.

There are almost no free players on the market right now who are fluent in sniper rifles. However, in my opinion, the transition, although possible, is clearly not in the foreseeable future. The current squad, like Liquid, needs time to rebuild their own game.

Rumors about Gabriel Toledo’s transfer to FaZe Clan have been around since the summer and, finally, all parties involved have a real opportunity to make this transfer. According to rumors, Niko will soon leave the team, which means that the place of captain and second sniper is about to be vacated. Knowing the love of the FaZe leadership for the star players, FalleN can really count on an invite. 

Here, as in all of the above options, the contract plays an important role. Teams may not want to risk a decent amount of money for the Brazilian legionnaire. Even FaZe Clan is now more interested in young and promising players who are not yet committed to other clubs. However, with all these “buts” FalleN can fit well into the composition. The team needs an experienced captain and a stable sniper, Toledo combines both qualities.

FalleN is now in a difficult position. The Brazilian is already 29 years old and hasn’t won anything significant in the past few years. At the same time, it is worth giving him credit for his playing form – he can still hit. It is possible that Fallen wants to start from scratch and build his own stack. Well, in extreme cases, there is always Valorant, where other CS: GO veterans will be waiting for him.

The article was written by a member of the community via the Writer Academy program.

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