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The Worms series is one of the legends of the PC industry. Older players in particular probably have had more experience and memories created with the title from Team17. Turn-based gameplay combined with cartoon graphics was a recipe for success, but these are the old days — after experiments with 3D dimensions Worms never regained its former glory. And with the latest installment, it will also be difficult.

Worms Rumble has been announced, which departs from the tradition initiated in previous parts. And this goes a long way, because this time the worms will move in real-time, not within turns. The production will offer one of two modes – classic deathmatch, as well as battle royale. In both players will be able to participate in matches with up to 32 players, and each of them will be responsible for the movements of one character.

You will be able to develop your avatar by adding cosmetic elements at your discretion. However, there will be a series of weapons known to fans, such as the iconic bazooka or the holy hand grenade referring to Monty Python’s sketches.

Worms Rumble will be released in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Importantly, owners of both Sony consoles will be able to play together as part of the cross-play service.

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