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With the future of Quake Champions esports in question, many of the pro players are looking for the answer elsewhere. Dmytro “Xron” Sakharuk is enjoying Apex Legends for now, but is there more to it?

Although it found a strong core audience, Quake Champions has been struggling to break through into the gaming mainstream since before its release. Nonetheless, there was always a strong, developer-backed esports scene behind it.

Recently, however, with the dropping viewership numbers as well as issues within the game the future of the scene came into question. Even more so, after the unexpected hit release of Respawn’s Apex Legends. Most Quake professional players have been openly playing (and enjoying) the new battle royale.

Dmytro “Xron” Sakharuk himself thinks it’s a fun game and he’s going to be playing more of it. But what about the future?

Many Quakers are indulging in Apex Legends right now. How serious and promising is the game?

It is hard to say. In battle royale games, as a rule, all the money goes to popular streamers and tournaments are made for them, not for players. It’s too early to talk about tournaments at all. This is just a fun game.

You played PUBG, Fortnite and now Apex. What do you like (dislike) in each and which one is better?

I played everything but PUBG and Fortnite only for a couple of days or weeks. In PUBG I do not like the mechanics and the slow game. In Fortnite I ran a little with Cypher, I liked it, a very cool and skill based game, but in order to play at a normal level, you need to give it at least 10 hours a day, I am not ready to go for it. Apex — very easy to understand, a lot of action, very fun to play with friends. It is always interesting to chop into something new. I don’t want to compare these games, each is good in its own way, but I personally don’t like only PUBG.

What qualities should a popular shooter have today? Does it have to be a battle royale?

Everyone has their own views on this. I personally like quick games with team interaction. Team play is generally the main thing. Running with friends is fun after all. I am very pleased that Apex has achieved such popularity without a solo mode. I do not think that the popularity of the game requires the format of the royale games. Counter-Strike proves it.

You communicate with many top players in Quake Champions. What is the mood now in the pro scene regarding the future of Quake?

In general, everyone is just waiting for announcements or at least something, nothing more we can do.

How are you going to prepare for the OGA Quake PIT #2 Duel event?

I will play a couple of days in Free For All or in 2×2 with friends, I can pick up a stream and play a ranked duel.

Do you expect the overall skill level to drop there due to Apex and other games?

I think the results will be unpredictable. Most likely the favorites are Vengeur,Raisy,Toxjq. They are the most active players in Quake today, but as in any game, the one who puts in the most work is the winner.

Is the format of the OGA Quake PIT tournament and the composition of participants good (after all, there is no Clawz, Agent or Base)?

Clawz was invited, but he refused, I don’t know about the others. I’m just glad that there will be at least some tournament for Quake and its format is not important.

Where does your love for cats come from? Do you have cats?

I just like cats. And yes, I live with a cat.

By the way, how did you come up with your nickname? Does it bother you that casters mispronounce it all the time?

I just liked the word, I never thought that they would pronounce it in English. I’m not going to change it. It’s normal that most people don’t pronounce this word correctly. If we recall 2017 and LANs, then the people working at the time as commentators / interviewers constantly approached me and asked how to pronounce correctly. They tried to do this even after I told them that I absolutely did not care.

What holidays do you like the most? Do you support the European traditions associated with Valentine’s Day?

No favorite holidays. I spent Valentine’s Day with my beloved Jack Daniels.

Which of the current Apex characters do you like more? Is there a need for new heroes?

I like Lifeline. I would like to see new characters with time, I am always for any new content and innovations. It’s hard to say how the character pool should look like if you suddenly add ranked games, then it may be worthwhile to balance everything, but for now let it be just a fun and a cool game which it is.


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