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Just a few days ago we were informed about the merger between the LDLC and one of the most recognizable sports clubs in France — Olympique Lyon. As a result of the cooperation of both entities from now on in La Ligue Française, which is the most important League of Legends competition in France, we will no longer watch the LDLC Team, but LDLC OL. The first fruit of the popular club’s partnership with the esports organization is the return of legendary support player, Bora “YellOwStaRa” Kim, to active participation in the LFL.

YellOwStaR is without a doubt one of the most recognized and titled players of the European League of Legends scene. It was he who contributed to many of Fnatic’s successes in 2013-2015, among which we can distinguish the five-time European championship and twice reaching the World Championship semi-finals. Later, however, YellOwStaR’s career certainly did not go his way, because both joining TSM and subsequent return to Fnatic was not abound in glorious triumphs.

Later, however, YellOwStaR decided to accept the offer from Paris Saint-Germain, then working as an esports director and abandoning the player’s career. After all, after a year in PSG, Kim joined the LDLC Team, taking over the role of head coach of the formation participating in the French competition. Under the leadership of YellOwStaR, LDLC triumphed in both editions of LFL 2019, thanks to which it took part in the European Masters twice. There, however, the French players were unable to advance further than to the quarter-finals.

Kim will be joined by the jungler Kristian “TynX” Østergaard Hansen, previously of Movistar Riders and GamersOrigin. At the moment, no official information has been given about the rest of the LDLC OL lineup, so it’s difficult to assess whether this team will be a real threat to the already established and solid Misfits Premier or Vitality.Bee formations.




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